Thursday, February 23, 2006

Homophobia : France vs USA

Let’s remember recent history as a tribute to the United States and more than ever to the Americans.
In our times of such speed, it’s quickly forgotten.

In the middle of the 70’s, homosexuality is not established in France, speaking of being able to be visible in regular life and being publicly accepted with tolerance.
Despite the Age of Enlightenment, the Revolutions and the Human Rights, despite may 1968, despite the notoriety of some contemporary public figures, homosexuality is still doomed to darkness. The ones who are able to live it in half-light are protected because they belong to an elite, whatever the kind of. For ordinary fellows : the cellars or the bushes! Everyone remembers the outdated atmosphere of the private Parisian clubs on Ste Anne Street… You can easily understand the 80’s powerful desire of freeing. But where does it come from?
But from the Americans! who, much sooner than the French guys, have conquered their part of freedom.
At that time, for a French guy, young or not, staying in the United States in one of these places of conquest, San Francisco’s Castro, or Provincetown for example, was bringing you to be positively floored by revelation! What a shock to see two women, or two men, taking one’s other hand or kissing each other in a street, for the most sentimental of them, in a noticeable peace of mind! Such a trip was far costless than repeated visits to the shrink. Overwhelming, intellectually and emotionally.
Thanks to our American friends, yesterday and today.

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